Tamping Rammer Petrol or Diesel


Rammer is intended to be used in confined areas and areas next to structures such as foundations, walls and curbs as well as compacting the municipal airports, harbours and stations roadbed. Smit’s superior quality Tamping rammer is used for confined area, trench work, backfill and repairing work on asphalt. It is suitable especially for compacting the roadbed with low water content that heavy vibro compactor cannot work. It is acknowledged for its reliability, optimum performance, low maintenance cost and easy operation.

Ramming Frequency

600 – 700 time/min

Advanced Speed

10 – 13 m/min

Bounce Height

40 – 75 MM

Motor Power

3 HP, Voltage: 415 V

Rotation Speed of Motor

2800 r/min

Gross Weight

90 Kg


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