24 November, 2022

Surat: Smit Corporation has secured a large order for MAHSR Bullet Train Project from M G Contractors India Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi based Real Estate Company. M G Contractors won Rs. 811 crore civil contracts for Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project in July,’21.

Considering the enormous scale of construction involved in constructing the 508-km long, Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail MAHSR Bullet Train Project, M G Contractors has to utilize innovative, modern construction equipment to hasten the pace of execution. 

In an attempt to mobilize construction machineries required for the construction work, the company approached Smit Corporation to supply machines used to carry out various operations (i.e. a. Bending bars, b. Cutting bars and c. Compacting concrete on site).

The company chose Smit Corporation to supply construction machines for Contract Packages: MAHSR-P-1B and MAHSR-P-1C.

About the project MAHSR Bullet Train Project-P-1B in brief:

The National High Speed Rail Corporation (NHSRCL) opened financial bids for the construction of 5 special bridges (including 1 PSC Bridge and the erection of 4 Steel Truss Bridges between Vadodara and Ahmedabad) for 508.17 km Mumbai – Ahmedabad High Speed Rail (MAHSR Bullet Train) project in November,2020.  M G Contractors India Pvt. Ltd. from Delhi emerged as the lowest bidder in both packages.

The Contract involves supplying of various (below listed) construction equipment for the MAHSR project.

Bar Bending Machine:

Accuracy in critical infrastructure projects like MAHSR is the key to the superstructure’s long-life. That’s why the project managers follow a precisely-defined Bar Bending Schedule (BBS). Smit’s Semi- Automatic 42 mm Gute Bar Bending Machine perfectly matches large construction sites’ exacting specifications of accuracy. Smit’s Bar Bending machine is known to be extremely handy when large quantities of steel has to be bent multiple times at differing angles!

Bar Cutting Machine:

Designed to perform in very tough and strenuous conditions, Smit’s advanced Bar Cutting Machine is widely preferred by site working contractors because they are compact and easily maneuverable on congested sites. Smit’s GQ series Products (Models- GQ50, GQ40, GQ25, GQ16) can efficiently cut rebar steel, hot rolled steel, screw bar, flat rebar, square and angle bar.

Smit’s deal was of Rs. 5 millions for Bar bending machine and Bar Cutting machine.

Concrete Vibrators:

Concrete Vibrators are the most common tools used to achieve concrete consolidation in foundations, columns and walls. Smit’s powerful & easy-to-use Concrete Vibrators are the contractors’ first choice for the large projects like MAHSR (Bullet Train Project)

Smit’s deal was of Rs. 4 million for Concrete vibrators.

We thank our client for reposing confidence in our high-speed, large-scale equipment supplying capabilities by associating us with this project of national importance” commented Mr. Smit Rakesh Asarawala, Founder of Smit Corporation. Further elaborating on the contract, he added, “Smit Corporation will ensure speedy delivery of construction equipment for the contract along with the highest safety & quality standards. We will back up our products with quick local after sales services and readily available spare parts through our extensive dealer network.