Tamping Rammer construction equipment is required for compacting different types of soils. The force of the rammer impacts the surface of the soil to level and compact it evenly. The rammer is ideal for the compaction of the ground for the construction of roads and leavening of gardens or landscapes structures. 

The Tamping Rammer powders the heavy chunks of soil particles and increases the dry density of soil. A force of 2-3 tones is applied with a frequency of 600-700 blows per minute to compact the soil surface. The force is best suitable for compacting adhesive and cohesive soils. They are particularly effective in compacting trenches and other confined areas.

Mechanism of Tamping Rammer:

Tamping rammers are popularly known as jumping jacks. The name is derived from the working principle and design constructed at a certain angle to allow a jumping motion.

The jumping jack is principally made up of four working components- a torque producing machine, a gear, a spring cylinder, and a plate shoe. 

The engine generates a torque, which is transferred to the crank gear as a reciprocating motion. The motion is then finally passed to the shoe of the rammer through a spring encased in a cylinder. As a result, vibrating motion is generated in the shoe of the machine. 

Depending on the fuel required for the working of the rammer, it can be a petrol or diesel operated tamping rammer .

How to use a jumping jack compactor:

Wacker Neuson tamping rammer works ideally for the compaction of the soil in construction settings. The following steps are essential for the proper working of the tamping rammer.

  1.   Firstly, place the choke lever in a closed position and start the throttle level. This begins the flow of the fuel towards the engine.
  2. Then, pull the grip handle and accelerate the engine. After the engine starts, turn the choke into an open position.
  3. Allow the engine to run for about a minute on a maximum RPM throttle.
  4. After a while, adjust the throttle as per your requirement.
  5. Putting the choke into an off position will switch off the machine and cut the fuel motion of the choke from going into the foot of the rammer.
  6. Finally, it is advisable to keep the machine in an upright position during storage.

Benefits of using Wacker Neuson Tamping Rammer:

Wacker Neuson jumping jacks are intended to be used in confined areas as well as large open grounds like roads and harbors. They are ideal for the compaction of asphalt and roadbeds with low water content.

  1. The tamping rammer equipment has a well-balanced structure and design that allows it to stand erect during vibrations.
  2.  It works minimum maintenance and yields greater productivity. This in turn generates more profits because of decreased repair costs.
  3.  It is equipped with reliability, optimum performance, and easy operations.
  4. Before the tamping rammers machines are available to the consumers, they are tested for about 500 hours. It ensures that there is no defect while it’s working.

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