Throughout construction or a building setup, the rebar or simple scrap bar straightening is used and generated in large quantities. Also, ironically, scrap is also the most wasteful of all building materials. For instance, many times the rebar is discarded because either it was not bent properly or too many bits of rebar were bent for further application.

Whatever may be the reason, throwing away rebar can be very wasteful. But in turn, it may have tremendous potential for profitable recycling. So, a more economic option is selling or reusing the rebar after converting it to a consistent and more convenient form. For the straightening purpose, the best viable answer is purchasing a scrap bar straightening machine. This can further the application of rebar.

Working Fundamentals of a Scrap Bar Straightening Machine

A scrap bar straightening machine works on a basic principle- to take used pieces of structural rebar and straighten them for further application. It is done by passing the scrap bar through a series of rollers. Here the pressure is applied that makes the bars straight.

A straightening machine has two key specifications onto which its reliability is judged. Firstly, the diameter of the scrap bar the machine will accept. The diameter is usually calculated in millimeters (mm). And secondly, the speed at which the machine will straighten the bars. The speed is quoted as meters per minute.

It is usually manufactured in different sizes based on their utility and whether or not they need to be transported. The smaller ones are easily portable from one construction site to another. The larger ones are designed for permanent installation in construction or a manufacturing setting.

Benefits of a Scrap Bar Straightening Machine

  1. A straightened rebar is effectively recycled making the construction expenses level down considerably.
  2. The rebar can be furthered into other projects after a thorough and rigorous assessment. Though the reuse of the straightened rebar can be regulated and even prohibited in some construction areas.
  3. So, it is advisable to check the rules and regulations before investing time and money into the straightening of steel bars.
  4. A scrap bar that has been cut to specific lengths can be easily weighed, shipped, bought, and sold. Thus, making the waste and excluded scrap bar into valuable and economic resources.
  5. As said earlier, the waste generated from discarded rebar is huge. If these bars are effectively reused, they can not only be easy on the pockets but also on the environment. The dumping and eliminating of the bars can take a couple of long years. So, it will not only bring in the bucks but will also help in reducing construction waste.
Scrap Bar Straightening machine Supplier in India

Buying the right scrap Bar Straightening machine

The listed are many advantages of a scrap bar straightening machine. But there is no guarantee every machine available in the market offers the same performance. Though it is a common practice of assessing the prices before buying the machine shall offer similar reliability and assurance. However, there are a lot of differences in the components of the machines based on their quality, working fundamentals, and even spare parts functioning. Every machine irrespective of the price offers a different scale of performance.

Before buying the machinery, make sure the components of the machine are of higher quality. Because the higher the quality of the machine, the higher the time period it stays working. It will also subsequently decrease the downtime of maintenance and repairs as compared to lower quality machines. It is also a beneficial factor of considering the trust factor as well as the reputation of the brand or the supplier you are purchasing the scrap bar straightening machine from.

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