Monsoon is about to arrive in India. As rain can cause heavy damage to your construction machines equipment, they need special care during the monsoon season. Maintaining the construction machines and keeping them in working condition helps protect the substantial financial investment they represent. 

We know it well since we’re one of the leading manufacturers of Construction Machines in the country. So in this blog, we’ll share with you a few tips to take care of your construction equipment conveniently during the rainy season.

How to protect the Construction machines?

Cover the Construction equipment with protective waterproof tarps, when they’re not in use. It’s important to choose high-quality tarps (i.e. durable and efficient) with grommets for easy set-up and installation. Experts advise paying special attention to protecting any electrical wiring on heavy equipment from exposure to rainwater because it can drastically shorten the productivity and lifetime of the equipment.

Where to store the equipment?

Needless to say that the types of equipment which require electricity to run, should be placed and used indoors. Hence never use electrical tools and equipment that are not specifically rated for outdoor use when working in the rain. Select hand tools with textured, nonslip grip handle.  In rainy season, storing the construction machines in a dry space is a must. For machines stored inside, rust prevention work must be carried out, and machines parked for a long period of time should be started and driven at least once a month.  

How to clean the equipment?

During the field operations in monsoon, heavy construction machines faces adverse environmental conditions.  From drenching rain to muddy terrain to dust storms, the rainy weather can batter your construction machinery. Hence, scheduling frequent cleaning of dirt off the machine, and maintain proper lubrication to prevent corrosion is absolutely necessary. Additionally, the experts also advise taking extra care to prevent rain from contaminating the lubricating oil and fuel oil of your equipment.

How to maintain the machines?

Although heavy construction machines can withstand adverse conditions much better than many other machines, scheduling regular inspection remains essential. At Smit Corporation, we provide repair & maintenance service for all the construction machinery, which we sell as well as other brands and makes also.  A thorough examination and maintenance are very important. To maintain your construction machines during the monsoon, consider

  • Carrying out repairs,
  • Replace easily damaged parts,
  • Clean the radiator surface and
  • Lubricate all the lubricating points,

Plus also pay special attention to the specific parts, to avoid damage or blockage caused to the filter element due to the rainwater.

What extra care should be taken during the monsoon season?

Inspect the road conditions while using the Construction machines, as the ground is slippery after rain.

Keep an eye out to avoid coming too close to the edge of cliffs and ditches, which can easily cause the machine to fall or tip over if the ground is soft.

When working with diggers or crane machinery, check whether the ground of the construction site is soft so as to avoid the machines sinking and getting stuck.

If you are carrying out the construction work in a hilly area, be sure to observe the environment carefully before a rainstorm arrives.  Take into consideration factors like discarded soil or residue, quarrying, etc. Try to gauge the details of whether there is a possibility of a landslide, collapse, or debris flow; so that you can accordingly take early precautionary measures for the protection of your equipment.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the rainy season is that it gets skidder due to the wet surface. The use of anti-skid chains can easily provide the required safety to your construction equipment. Necessary measurements with the tire size are necessary to undertake this process. Once installed with an anti-skid chain, speed should be maintained, if not it could wear and tear.

Though these are high-quality heavy construction equipment, it takes extra measures to protect these machines from bad weather. Adhering to these tips can ultimately save the cost of repairs, increase productivity and extend the machines’ life.

Summing up,

Smit Corporation assists growing businesses with the best-in-class construction machines and equipment. Its reputation for quality work and excellent customer service spans the entire nation. To explore how Smit Corporation’s expertise can assist you, contact us.