The construction industry has expanded to great heights. The expansion in the current construction scenarios demands fast projects and timely completion. For fulfilling such demands, a skilled workforce is needed with equal technology assistance.

The continuous development, innovations, and modifications in the construction industry have led to the use of Suspended Rope Platforms. Due to their compatible designs, stronger case, and reliable and safe working model, they are widely used for different purposes.

What is Suspended Rope Platform or Gondola?

Popularly termed as the Gondola Lift, the Suspended Rope Platform is construction equipment used for working at heights. Electronic motor-driven equipment is suspended along the vertical surface of the building by steel wire ropes. The platform is able to move with the help of a suspension mechanism placed at the top of the building. The rope platform offers strong construction adaptability, high construction efficiency, easy step-up, erect position, and needs less manual labor.

The Gondola cradle is an efficient solution commonly used in India. It is widely used for the installation of billboards, building structures, window cleaning, external renovation, painting and plastering jobs, construction of bridges, chimneys, silos, and other tall structures.

Rope suspended platform for construction

Benefits of Using a Gondola:

  1. The gondola lift has several technical features for decreased labor and increased productivity.
  2. It is a mobile equipment, easy to mantle, dismantle, and store.
  3. It requires minimum labor power.
  4. It has a longer life with minimum repairs and maintenance costs.
  5. It has a large size and flexible dimensions for more secured use.

Safe Operations of the suspended Working Platforms:

The setting up and the working mechanism of the suspended working platform is very easy. Though there are certain safety precautions you must take before handling the construction equipment. It must be noted that severe injury or even death can result from improper assembly or use of this suspended platform system.

As a Trusted Suspended Rope Platform supplier in Gujarat, we have listed down several safety precautions for the use of a Gondola lift.

7 Important Precautions for Safe use of Suspended Rope Platform:

  1. General Precaution: Inspect all the components of the rope platform before assembling the parts. Refrain from using the machine if any of the part is unfitted. Before and after using, check all the parts for proper functioning and analyzing damaged parts.
  2. End Stirrup: Check for the ‘V’ grooves in the U-frame attached with end stirrup. This saddle arrangement allows the stirrup to pivot in a vertical position in case of tension.
  3.  Walkthrough Stirrup: Make sure the rope is properly routed through pulleys at the walk-through stirrup. The stirrup must align with rigged points above.
  4. Quick Pins: All the quick-pins should be properly placed and tightly locked. Place the safety ring into the quick-pin ends after inserting into the mounting hole. It will ensure that the quick-pins are secured and won’t give out.
  5. Hoist: The hoist opted must fit with the end stirrup and the walk-through stirrup and properly align with the brackets.
  6. Guard Rail: Guard rails must be extended and used at all times. The rail height must be less than 42 meters above the platform deck.
  7. Cantilevered Sections: These sections must balance on each side. Do consult your suspended rope platform supplier for accurate load capacity approvals.

For each operation of a suspended working platform, a safe work system should be created. The engineering team, safety specialists, Jobsite employees, and building management should prepare and approve the safety parameters beforehand.  A qualified person should monitor and supervise the safe system of working. The supervisor must assure that each and every action of the gondola lift poses no risk to individuals working inside or near the working platform.

As the most Qualified Supplier of suspended rope platforms, you can be assured that every piece of equipment comes with a precautionary guarantee. If you have any queries regarding the setup and operations of the gondola lift,

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