About the project in brief:

In 2019, the Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry, Government of India had proposed the Central Vista redevelopment project. This project aims to construct a new triangular Parliament building close to the existing one and redevelop the present Central Vista area as an architectural icon, which is well endowed with all modern facilities that are necessary for the efficient functioning of the administration. 

Client Name: TATA Projects Ltd.

About the client in brief:

Tata Projects is one of the fastest-growing and most admired Engineering, Procurement & Construction companies with experience and expertise in executing large, complex industrial and urban infrastructure projects. Tata Projects Ltd won the bid to construct India’s new Parliament building in September 2020.

Client’s requirements:

  • Tata Projects approached the most reliable suppliers to mobilize machinery and other items required to start construction work. As a leading Bar Processing Machines supplier, Smit Corporation was chosen to supply the machines used for straightening scrap rebars and reusing it for the aforementioned project.


  • Uncertainty: The Central Vista Project had been challenged in the Supreme Court while Opposition had also raised questions. However, the government has justified its decision to build a new Parliament building by saying that current one was “showing signs of distress and over-use”. Supplying the construction equipments to our client therefore was uncertain until everything was finalized.
  • Deadline: The new Parliament building is expected to be completed by 2022, and the new session that year will be held in the new building to commemorate the 75th year of independence. Hence, the project has to be completed within a stipulated timeline. Accordingly Smit Corporation has to deliver required construction machines in desired quantity on time to support hassle- free construction work.

Our Offerings:

Smit’s Scrap Bar Straightening Machine is a steel bar processing equipment used for straightening tangled and twisted steel bars, waste reinforcing steel, rods, or wire of various shapes and sizes in no time with the highest efficiency. It greatly improves work efficiency and reduces manual labor.

Scrap Bar Straightening Machine at work:

image source: India Today
  • Smit’s Scrap Bar Straightening Machine is extremely effective for big projects like Central Vista redevelopment project, since the scrap bars generated in large quantities can be effectively put back to use. Its advanced design ensures safety, reliability, easy operation as well as stable performance.
  • Dumping and removing bars could take a few long years. So, a scrap bar straightening machine not only saves money but also helps in reducing construction waste.
  • Scope for Scrap Bar Straightening Machine:

Besides being an extremely useful machine on construction sites, Smit’s scrap bar straightening is also useful in the steel processing plant. 

The methodology applied to offer top quality machining solutions and timely service:

Smit Corporation has been delivering required construction equipment to TATA Projects for the Central Vista project with

Why did TATA Projects choose Smit Corporation?

  • Large numbers of construction equipments are required for a mega project. The efforts of contractors are to constantly push machine capabilities forward. As the array of useful equipment expand, the importance of careful planning and execution of construction equipments increases. Hence, finding the readily available machines and spares was of Tata Projects’ key requirement when they approached Smit Corporation for the Central Vista (New Parliament) project. Credited for supplying readily available machines and spares in the industry, Smit Corporation was undoubtedly chosen by TATA Projects Ltd. for this project.
  • At Smit, we also undertake after-sale services for our range of construction equipment as and when required by our clients . We provide repair, maintenance for all construction machinery, which we sell as well as other brands and makes also. Together with that we also provide spares for all brands & makes
image source: India Today


  • How Smit’s top quality products and reliable services helped the clients achieve their goal?
  • Tata Projects Limited has been constructing a new Parliament building near the existing one under the Central Vista redevelopment project. It is anticipated to be completed ahead of its deadline. One of the prime reasons our client Tata Projects Ltd. could complete this Government’s ambitious project within the time period is continuous, hassle-free availability of construction equipments from vendors like Smit Corporation.
  • For major construction projects, proper use of the appropriate equipment contributes to economy, quality, safety, speed and timely completion of a project. That’s how Smit’s construction machines helped our clients achieve their goals.